Saturday, December 08, 2012

After A Long Hiatus...

I have been away for some time now, but have been most apprciative for the time spent on Sarah Palin's website promoting the Conservative mesage.In coming back to my very first love, I reread a post I had done titled: "From out of the mouths of babes". The young grandson I spoke so admiringly of, is now a fifth grader, and a rather big boy at that. Yes, he has been carefully taught, and is quite cognizant of the many conflicting forces competing for his attention. He knows, and understands, our president and his proclivities the many, and he also knows and understands the precepts of that which will eventually save him and his country: Conservatism!

Winter is setting in here in the east (quite in spite of the enviros expectations), and the air is actually chilly. The Mayan winter of our existence is also anon, and I notice people around the world are taking note and preparing for exactly what? How are candles supposed to illuminate an empty world for these people? Yet, they go on their not-so-merry way preparing for the worst, but secretly hoping for the best. Talk about the conundrums one finds himself in, and you could go absolutely batty, couldn't you?

Not one to waste time dwelling over things so ephemeral, I spend most of my time simply thinking about the things we need to do in order to retain our American way of life. Admittedly, the president and John Boehner have made things more difficult, but America will survive. If you have doubts, just go back to the Founding period and read once more how difficult things really were for those responsible for our nation's birth. But especially, pay close attention to George Washington's brief period of retirement before he was called to Philadelphia in service to his country ojnce more. He had spemt the better part of eight years guiding the colonies through an exhausting war with King George III, and the British Empire. He had justly earned his retirement and the admiration of his countrymen and all he wanted to do was to restore his beloved Mount Vernon home.

Then, his country called, and he would not deny those who needed him the most. The original Articles of Confederation weren't working as well as had been hoped for, and many thought the young country to be needed something better in the way of self-governance. What an exhilarating period of time that must have been, and what a period of trial and tribulation lay before those assembled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, during that hot summer of 1787.

What eventually became known as the Constitutional Convention, gave rise to a nation born of promise and a devotion to the ideals of a true Constitutional republic. Washington, ever the gentleman, was asked to be the country's president, which he accepted solemnly, and one of the first things he did was to limit himself to just two four year terms in office. What a great man he turned out to be, and we would have to wait another almost sixty years to have again another of our country's greatest men to guide us through perilous times---Abraham Lincoln.

These lessons my young grandson knows well, and why not, they are just that important now, as they were then.

This brings us to today. Really, where are we as a country after those many years? We live under the despotic rule of a man seemingly anxious to become a tyrant in residence in OUR House, presiding over the populace as would a king or an imperialist of some other designation. No thank you! We have had a king, George III, and we didn't like that so we purged him from our lives at great cost. These are the lessons that the youngest among us must learn and must be taught, if we are to survive as a free people.

Freedom. May it always ring loudly in the ears of a people yearning to experience it. May it always be there for us all, even when we do not thoroughly understand what its significance means to us. And, may it always be there for those to come after us that they too, may enjoy its sweetness, and yes, its demands for responsibility and accountability.

As we venture nearer to the time of our Savior's birth, allow us to live with the secularists and non-believers among us. Permit us to relive the thoughts of our Founders and their sacrifices for the betterment of the many who would follow them. In a word, this represents a continuity of purpose; an awareness of that which both preceeds and that which follows: The greatest country on earth, America!

Sic Semper Tyrannis!
Thus Always to Tyrants!

Monday, August 03, 2009


So many thousands there are, working very hard to unravel the mysteries of Obama's health care plan. And, they are doing one heck of a job! As one of the many who have read HR 3200, the health care bill in the House, I find so much to be anxious about; so much to be afraid of. However, with anger and dismay roiling inside me, I had to take a break, and just think of other things for a minute. Not that the bill itself is a travesty waiting to happen, and perhaps I should stay the course, and inform the public further regarding the dirty details, I simply had to catch my breath.

So, I went to my front porch and sat and watched nature unfolding before me. Occasionally, while watching the birds flitting about, and the leaves of the trees shaking as if to break the tethers holding them to their assigned places on the branches above me, I would hear another sound. This sound was not of natures making, rather, of natures urging. It was different, and seemed out of place, but it persisted none the less. I leaned forward and looked up, and there I saw "old Glory", securely fastened to the overhanging roof. It was she who had been snapping, almost snarling, as if trying to waken me from a slumber. I gazed at this symbol of America, and thought of the days when I carried her on the parade grounds of Fort Hood, Texas, and Fort Gordon, Georgia, and even in Frankfurt, West Germany. I was proud to have been selected to carry the "colors", and did so with the greatest of reverence.

A car passed by, and I wondered if the occupant inside ever thought for a minute about our flag, and the storied history associated with it's inception into the public consciousness of America. Fourth of July parades, Independence day celebrations came into my mind, and I thought of my grandsons, and their learning how to properly show respect for the flag of their country.At first, they would uncover, removing their caps, and place their right hands over their hearts, somewhat in awe, and somewhat in confusion too.

Time has passed, and they now understand why it is they pause in honor, and the same pride I always feel, courses through their minds and hearts also. They know of the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution in an abstract way, but it is the flag itself that provokes their sense of wonderment, their pride in their country. The flag is beautiful to see any time at all, but especially moreso, when carried by men or women in the uniforms of our country's military. They are these same men and women who are at times called upon to defend their country from the intentions of evil throughout the world. An evil which cares not; an evil which threatens; and an evil these men and women know must be defeated. This lesson too, has been impressed upon these young minds, and they carry the message with them at all times.

Old Glory, has always been a source of pride, and a constant warning to those same people harboring evil thoughts about America. She flies high, and proudly so, a reminder that it is we who are embraced of her, and we, who embrace her willingly, as have many others throughtout the last 233 years of this country's history.

Yet, her travels have not always been the easiest kind, nor have her many victories come without a cost in human life. Freedom, we are told, comes not easily, and certainly not without a price to pay. Those best understanding this simple concept would tell you so, and someday, in God's Heaven above, we shall have the opportunity to meet these patriots, and ask them this simple question: Why did you sacrifice all? Their answers will surprise you, and humble you, still, we will know what they say, and why they answer us this way.

I urge you to read the famous American comedian, Red Skelton's recounting of how his grade school teacher explained the Pledge of Allegiance to he and his fellow students: I--me, a committee of one, PLEDGE--dedicate all my worldly goods to give without self-pity, ALLEGIANCE--My love and my devotion, TO THE FLAG--Our standard, Old Glory; a symbol of freedom, wherever she waves, there is respect because your loyalty has given her a dignity that shouts, Freedom is everybody's job!

Further along, Red said, " Since I was a small boy, two stars have been added to the flag, and two words have been added to the Pledge of Allegiance: "Under God." Wouldn't it be a pity if someone said that is a prayer, and that would be eliminated from schools too?

"Old Glory's name derives from one Captain William Driver, who was a shipmaster from Salem, Massachusetts, in 1831. He flew a brand new flag of twenty four stars from the Charles Doggett, a brig, and upon first raising her, proclaimed: Old Glory! Captain Driver's flag was recovered by Union soldiers in 1862, from his home in Nashville, Tennessee. He, and they took his beloved "Old Glory" and hoisted it over the capitol building in Nashville, replacing a smaller standard raised first by Union soldiers. They cheered together.

And what of Francis Scott key? The flag he saw by the dawn's early light was a flag constructed by Mary Young Pickersgill, "a maker of colors". This flag was commissioned by Major George Armistead, commander of Fort McHenry. He wanted a flag large enough to be seen by the attacking British, and he got exactly what he wanted. The flag sewn together by Mary and her 13 year old daughter, Caroline, measured 30 by 42 feet and cost a whopping $405.92. The British could not miss this flag, and neither did Francis Scott Key, either. When dawn broke, the "flag was still there!" So too, was Key's place in American history.

As the health care debate rages on, and may we savor victory soon, I leave you with two things to ponder over:

First, from Ruth Apperson Rous, and her work titled: "I Am The Flag", "... Americans, I am the sacred emblem of your country. I symbolize your birthright, your heritage of liberty purchased with blood and sorrow...Eternal vigilance is your price of freedom...Guard me well, lest your freedom perish from the earth...Dedicate your lives to those principles for which I stand " One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Ms. Rous' admonitions are well taken, and keenly timely, aren't they

?Second, "The American's Creed" This was penned by William Tyler Page, a descendant of John Page, of Virginia, who had come to America in 1650. Another ancestor, Carter Braxton, had signed the Declaration of Independence. Yet another ancestor was John Tyler, the tenth president of the United States. The Creed is as follows:"I believe in the united States of America as a government of the people, by the people, for the people, whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed; a democracy in a republic; a sovereign nation of many sovereign states; a perfect union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes.I therefore believe it is my duty to love it; to support it's Constitution; to obey it's laws; to respect it's flag, and to defend it against all enemies."This American Creed, written in 1918, is the summary of the fundamental principles of the American political faith. We must advance, not retard these precepts, and remember why they were written at all. You won't be hearing any of the preceeding at any of the next scheduled "apology tours", and you certainly won't be hearing them during the contentious debates(?) in our Congress, either.

Those are my thoughts this fine day, as my flag unfurled above my head, snaps and snarls. It warns me, and us, that we, as red Skelton warned, must not allow God to be taken from us and our Pledge. It beckons that we also see, as francis Scott Key saw, that the flag will still be there, not just there, but there in all it's glory. It cautions us too, that our government is comprised of people just like us, and we are the ones who are the authorizing power in America. We have nothing to be ashamed of, lest we lose our will and our determination.

None of that will happen any time soon, will it?

"Sic Semper Tyrannis!" (Thus Always To Tyrants!).

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gee, Who Would Have Believed It Would Be This Easy?

Calling the role has never been easier, has it?

That squishiness you hear is the sound of Republicans beating down the door of the Liberal palace, and demanding entrance into the festive party going on inside. That "sucking sound" you hear, (apologies to Ross Perot) is the sound of Republican elites, and assorted Rinos, drawing the life blood from the Republican party we once revered. The stampede has begun, and responsibility is a casualty of the mad dash to the circle of the "I wanna be loved too" crowd.
With only a few good men left, such as Congressman Mike Pence, and Senator John Cornyn, our party is largely bereft of adult leadership.

Still struggling with the notion of ridding the party of the dreaded NASCAR bunch, those gun lovin', Bible toting southern "hicks", northeast (it pains me to say) Republican wise men, want to recast the party in their vision of what is best. Kinda' like Obama wantng to "remake " America, I believe. The battle goes on, for OUR hearts and souls. Wait a minute there! That's MY heart, and MY soul they're talking about. Funny, nobody bothered to tell me we were in an important life and death struggle, how about you?

"No pastels!", Reagan warned us, and he was right on. Therefore, as I see it, the party, litterally, is up for grabs. This is one party I don't want to miss, nor should any of you either. It's there for the taking, what say we "git 'er done!" in the words of one of those same southern "hicks" so despised, but. yet, so loved by all of us. It makes me want to go out and buy a brand spanking new pickup truck, complete with gun rack and Bible. But should it be a Ford, Chevy, Dodge, or maybe a growling Toyota? The only auto manufacturing facilities making real money, and not with the help of "bailout" money, are those in, you guessed it---the Southern US! Let's be careful, we don't want to be called bigots, or snobs or racists of some kind, do we? No, that's best done by the Libs, and now, their willingly abetting partners, the former Republicans in good standing.

How about those defenders of the poor, and the oppressed? Today, President Obama stood proudly beside the "real" president, Greg Craig, and defiantly, and proudly asserted he was closing Guantanimo. Of course the very next thing to do was to suspend all actions taken against those poor detainees in the hell hole known simply as Gitmo. Like me, I'll bet you can't wait for those two hundred, help, I've fallen down, and can't get up, defenders of Islam, to be broought stateside, and placed in federal prisons. I know, I know, they will liven up those dreary places with their version of "here's why I hate America", ringing off the walls. Do you think it probable that real Americans incarcerated in those same facilities, won't take up the same kind of message? Nothing like having the next generation of home grown terrorists, cultivated right there within the walls of Sing Sing, or Leavenworth, is there?

And to think, we have none other than the merciful Obama to thank for all this. In the short space of seventy two hours, the man we were asked to just "give a chance", has outdone himself, and compromised the safety of America. All in two fell swoops of the presidential pen on two remarkable executive orders. (explained to an adoring public by Monsieur Gregg Craig, the one who knows what Obama thinks best, but can't articulate very well)

In short, The One, but not the Only, has done more to assure us of yet more acts of terror, and of uncertain days in our nation's schools. Will Obama be the next president to be told, while reading to a class of second grade students, that our nation is under attack once again? Don't ask, and I will not tell. Oops! That's another concern for another day, isn't it? Forgive me my insensitive nature. Just habit.

Take heed in the words of Omar Khayyam, in his Rubaiyat. The poem, "The moving finger writes, and having writ moves on" It goes on, "nor all your piety, nor wit, shall lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all your tears wash out a word of it" Brilliant in it's cociseness, and so prophetic indeed. We may cry, yes, but our tears shall not wash away, nor may we convince Obama, to cancel his executive orders. His finger has written, and it moves on to the next promise, the next act of defiance against America.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Poet, The Preacher, And Little Else

There was something borrowed, something old, but little new today at the inauguration of Barack H. Obama in Washington DC. For those who expected to get more, they'll have to settle for having gotten less.Let's be clear here. As inaugural speeches go, this one fell woefully short on substance, and most importantly, offered no visions for all Americans to wrap their hands, and their hearts around. The lofty oratorical skills prominently on display during his campaign, eluded President Obama on this, his most important day. One might suggest that anyone attempting to wring the kind of speech to last, while in the grasp of an ideology foreign to the best interests of his country, was doomed to failure from the get-go. And that would be a fair criticism.

President Obama, it has been said, wrote this speech himself, while ignoring the reality that even a lawyer, which he is, in defending himself, would have a fool for a client. There is absolutely nothing wrong at all with wanting to give one of the more memorable inauguration speeches in this country's storied history. This, I believe I could do. Not because I might be the better at it, but simply, because I would have history, and it's lessons on my side. How easy, how Reaganesque it would be to state emphatically that it is the greatness of America, and it's many citizens, which point the way out of the doldrums. Reagan's telling us that ""...We have every right to dream heroic dreams..." is one such vision that lingers still in the minds of those who heard him on that January day, in 1981, at his own first inauguration. In saying this, my very thoughts were validated, as I am sure, were yours also.

Yes, there were moments during Obama's speech, when he borrowed, literally, from Reagan. I find no fault in that, for anything evoking the memory of one of America's most venerable patriots, is welcome. Obama though, is no Reagan. Let that be understood. In his second inaugural address, Reagan opined that "...We will ever be vigilant, and never vulnerable...". How is that for a vision of hopefulness, and of determination?

In reading through the many previous inaugural addreses, made by the presidents past, it was never about them, but about us, and about America's rightful place in the world. And that brings us to today.

The poet, Elizabeth Alexander, gave to us her poem "Praise Song For The Day". It seemed to be little more than a recital of past sins, and of former grievances, as now having found their day forward to the sun shining brightly above. In his benediction, the "rhyming reverend, Joseph Lowery, said to a laughing audience, "We ask you to help us work for that day, when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around, when yellow can be mellow, when the red man, can get ahead, man, and when white will embrace what is right." This was more a political speech, rather than a benediction. Besides, who needs the likes of the Reverend Lowery? We have no need, nor desire to be lectured to on this very important day. Or were they admonitions of a sort?

The swollen crowds got their last chance to greet former President Bush one last time, and they did so gleefully with a one fingered salute, or to be fair, were the salutes given from the ends of arthritic stricken hands? Just wondering.

The appointed hour came, and the opportunity to strike conciliatory chords disappeared in but an instant. Then again, there is always the next inauguration, isn't there? Sarah, are you still there?

Today was a day of major disappointment, but not a disapponting day. Mount Rushmore is safer than ever, and the granite blocks will have to wait for better days. Engravers go home!

A moment of continuity assured, was cast aside in favor of a so-called "New Day Beginning". The only historical lapses are those never recorded by the people making what would become history. Yet, we are told, that we must "recast America". Into what, and from what?

Wouldn't you have loved to have heard Sarah give a similar speech? A speech truly drawing the strings of a divided country closer unto itself?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

From The Mouths Of Babes

Bet you thought I was going to dazzle you with a few utterances made by Hillary, or Janet, or Madelyn, or any of the other talented Liberals in America. No, these comments came from the mouth of a young lad of seven years. In addition to his being a bit fearful of losing some of his freedoms due to his class mates talkitiveness, he is interested in being home schooled, or so he says. I smiled at first, but halfway through the second smile, my mind turned seriously in the direction of Why Not?

Traditional schooling certainly has merits, and God knows they, the teachers, do a good job, or try to at least. This young first gader was full of questions. He wanted to know if I could be his teacher, to which I replied, "Of course!" He went all the way through grade school, and high school, wanting to know whether or not the work would be hard for him. In all honesty, I told him the work would be as hard, probably much harder than he currently experiences at his public school. I assured him that he would become much smarter, and would be in a better position to go on in life as a successful young man.

He went further. He asked me about college, and would I be his college teacher. No, was my reply. When you are ready for college, it is they who will come looking for you. They will do this for they can see you would be a very valuable asset to their school. Wait a minute, I thought. here we were but five minutes from his school, and already he was asking questions about college. Where did all this come from, I wondered?

Of course, in admitting that he would henceforth refer to me as Mister Pop Pop, his home school teacher, I sensed that he was very serious indeed. My sister, the one who likes to stick her pin into every bubble of youthful opportunity, squashed the idea by telling him that I could not be his teacher, for I was not qualified to teach. At this, I also smiled, but the smile gave way to thoughts of why the heck couldn't I be his teacher? Secretly, I have been doing just that for several years now, so, why not continue on pace?

Here we are. He, willing to be taught, and I, willing to teach. First, we set up a "home school" schedule for us both. Within that schedule, he gets to learn, and to play at appropriate times. He shall learn things not taught at his traditional school, things left behind so many years ago in the curricula of those times. No one may scoff at this idea, not even my sister who is herself, well qualified to speak of such things.

He shall first learn of the US Constitution, and he will learn that it is the law of the land. He shall also, learn that this revered document is not a "living "screed as many would have him believe. It is the most formal of declarations, one designed by free men, for free men. Never should this document, so consistent in it's assertions, be disavowed, or changed by the whimsical fantasies of men who do not completely understand it's relative importance to the vitality of our country, America. His shall be a respectful holding to the tenets therein laid out for him, and all other Americans as well.

He will fully know and understand the Bill of Rights, what they mean, and most importantly, why they were written in the first place. he shall understand "enumeration" as a principle, and how it relates to what government may, as well as may not, do. He shall learn that government exists for the sole purpose of defending our country in times of crisis, and assuring us we have the infrastructure upon which the wheels of commerce turn freely. He shall learn to look down upon government as being the provider of benefits to please him. His understanding shall be that it is he, who will best determine what benefits, and of which kind, shall be his. And those same benefits will be of his design, and not of surrogate others who purport to act only in his interest.

This young lad, by virtue of his enhanced understanding of things, will, in the future, be moved to act in the interests of others less fortunate than himself, and not because some one else made that decision for him, and those same others. His will be a life of purpose, a sense of which will not escape his knowledge any time soon.

In the fullness of adult maturation, will his having held to the principles of successful accomplishment become apparent to him. He shall teach others, and they too, will come to understand that his interests are their interests, and their country's interests. Many will they be, who follow his lead, and for that, shall we, as a people, be forever grateful. His teachers, all of them, will look upon him and his disciples with gratuitous pride, and perhaps the wisp of a knowing smile will emerge. Yes, the smiles shall also come, and they will be telling.

Be not afraid to dream the large dreams, I shall counsel him. By this time though, shall his own realization of the value of following your dreams, and your heart, be very well known. Others who have dreamed thus, did so for a person just like him, and for countless others. This would make them very happy. It is making me very happy just to dream as I am doing this minute.

And now? I've got to be getting back to the "home school" phase of this little man's education. He just now, walked into my room and requested my presence in his "classroom" across the hall. It has already begun...

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Lincoln "Logs"

Today. I was struck! No, not by lightning, nor anything else so sinister, but, struck I was. I received an email offer that solicited my money in exchange for a new coin. Not any old coin mind you, but an absolutely genuine Lincoln/Obama silver dollar coin. The coin is a non-circulating, of Liberian origin, coin. The offer is dazzling, and quite persistent in it's appeal to one who might be moved to collect such a treasure.

So, there I sat, struck by the striking of this magnificent coin, with it's message of direct linkage of these two men in all their presidential glory.I was struck by something else as well. The price. For only 19.95 dollars, you may have this inflated, valueless coin as your very own.Then I got to thinking. I wondered what old Honest Abe would have thought or said about this generosity? Well, let's take a closer look, and see what we find.

In 1832, after suffering the only defeat of his career in a run for the Illinois legislature, Lincoln said ths to his supporters, and to all the people of his district: "...Considering the great degree of modesty which should always attend youth, it is probable I have already been more presuming than becomes me..." He further noted that " soon as I discover my opinions to be erronious, I shall be ready to renounce them." This most humble man knew his limitations, and always seemed to be apologetic in discussing his decisions; his understandings.

And what of his ambitions? "Every man is said to have his peculiar ambition. Whether it be true or not, I can say for one that I have no other so great as that of being truly esteemed of my fellow men, by rendering myself worthy of their esteem." This, said in his concluding remarks of that day. March 9, 1832, tells us precisely how grounded Lincoln was. He held himself not above others, rather, labored at their will, and with their trust in him so paramount in his mind.

That Liberian coin I spoke of earlier, has of course, Lincoln on the obverse side, and Obama on the reverse(in glorious color no less). Upon hearing the president-elect's economic speech today at George Mason University, Virginia, one may not help but contrast the views of the young Lincoln, and the views of the young Obama. Lincoln held himself to the propiety of his actions, as they related to the good being done for the Union, or the country. He spoke often of each man in Congress, along with himself, as being accountable in specific and not general terms. None of them might escape history, nor the remembrances thereof. Obama speaks from the lofty perch of one with his party's goals in mind, and not the greater goal of betterment for all the people, all the country.

Today's economic speech was more a blueprint for disaster, than a plan for economic recovery. Government is at the apex of the menu tree, seen as the only means of correcting what is merely a market correction reacting to disastrous government decisions relating to social mandates forced upon the financial markets. Lncoln would have recognized his mistake, had he made one so profound, and would also have renounced his mistake, and himself.

Today, Obama's plan became ever more clear. Our leftward drift has become a pall mall dash in reach of the tentacles of an unforgiving socialism. Our collective futures are now officially at risk, and we have ony a blithe recognition made by members of the loyal opposition. Our tabula rasa has now been written upon, and on it are the instructions for economic decay, loss of sovereignty as a nation, and loss of pride. Pride in our country, it's ideals, it's traditions, and it's institutions.

In his annual message to Congress on December 1, 1862, Abraham Lincoln was preoccupied with his idea of "remunerative emancipation", however, he concluded his message with a warning: "Fellow citizens, we cannot escape history. We, of this Congress, and this administration, will be remembered in spite of ourselves. No personal significance, or insignificance, can spare one or another of us."Lincoln was speaking of events leading up to his signing the Emancipatiion Proclamation into national law one month later. He full well understood the implications of adherence to his humble nature, and his responsibilities to the country at large. He spoke for all men, for he was one of them. His words that followed may be used to underscore our current dilemma:" "...We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth...and God must forever bless."

In short, although Lincoln and Obama share the same state, they do not share Lincoln's vision for a UNITED America, an America of promise for all it's citizens, and not the selected few. Obama's range of vision is comparable to a horse running his race with blinders, not at the side, but covering it's eyes completely. This horse must lose, as it may not see it's way to progress of any kind, especially the kind America desperately needs right now.

No, I think I'll pass on that fantastic offer of the two-headed coin of improbability..

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Hard Pressed Press

With news this week from France, comes the revelation that President Sarkozy sees the following: "...from this current crisis, will a new world emerge." Of course, Sarkozy was referencing the many riotous actions occurring in many of France's cities. Cars ablaze, shops looted, and all in the name of displeasure over Israel's actions taken against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The press, although not underplaying the mayhem, did grossly under report the many events of national distress so evident to a casual observer.

Of course, there were similar occasions of boistrous denunciation of Israel here in America, notably in Florida. A woman, obviously in support of the Palestinians, was heard to say that " We need bigger ovens!", a reference to the Nazi extermination devices found in every liberated concentration camp in Second World War Germany. Nice talk coming from Americans one might think, but were these people really Americans, or were they merely pretenders wearing the image hiding Burkhas? Nor was Oklahoma City free of the dissenting protestors. About 200 mostly Islamic (Americans?) paraded in front of Oklahoma's capitol building also.

CAIR (Council on American Islamic Affairs) members were also visible, both on the streets, and on the tube. Quite naturally, the protests were framed by references made to the civilian casualties suffered by the Palestinians. Is it appropriate to wonder why there were not similar protests against the Palestinians when they were sending their child suicide bombers into Israel over the past many years? The press in it's haste to provide only the news they deem worth reporting, are caught within the horns of an 800 pound dilemma. TV, and youtube videos are better sources of instant news, though in the case of television, the networks also have an agenda of their own. They will simply not report real news when it is happening, unless a "fair" balance can be struck between warring parties.

Europe burns! But that is not the real story. Why can't everyone just "get along" they ask rhetorically? Today, a man, a real man, is tempted to ask where are this generation's "Horace Greelys"? Greely, a noted editor of the New York Tribune, a man who looked more like Benjamin Franklin, than did Franklin himself, is most known for having advised "Go west, young man, go west, and grow with the country!" Today, some 143 years later, fewer and fewer young men, and women too, are going in any direction which would allow them to "grow with their country".

So long as the press is held to agendae which support goals other than simple trruthful reporting, we shall never really know exactly what is happening within our world, unless it meets the standards of a Liberal template. You may thank God for the internet, and not Al Gore, you may thank yourselves for a willingness to seek out other reputable sources of honest news reporting. And they are many. Witness the failing circulation numbers of major American news papers, and the truth junps out at you. They are failing, because they fail to hold to the harsh standards imposed by men like Horace Greely. Call him what you will, he none the less established himself as a man of some distinction, and moral character, in the newspaper world.

When journalism students put aside their beliefs that they should do something "good" for the world upon graduation, and remember that their responsibility, their sole responsibility, is to the ferreting out of the "truth" in any story they are asked to cover, and report it that way, then may they become the doers of universal good.

When holding elected office, I actually feared the local, and regional press. In my idyllic state of mind they, the press, were bent on getting to the bottom of whatever it was they were pursuing as being newsworthy. Later, I learned whom it was I could trust, and who they were, that had something else in mind. Luckily, these days you don't need a trained eye to determine which reporters are in honest pursuit of the truth, and which are in it for personal, or devious reasons. It is no accident that the press has lost it's nose for the truth. The heavy scent of Democrat stink is more than not wafting from every room they occupy.

It really doesn't matter where they go. They may go west as Greely advised, but they are already there in the pressrooms of the Los Angeles Times. Or, they may go east to New York, but they are already there also, in the press rooms of the New York Times. My compass tells me to advise them to go north! All the way to the north pole, where they may commiserate with an advancing, and not declining polar bear population. They are called "cubs" as young journalists, are they not? The pole is befitting of their relegation to the darkest place on earth in winter.

That should be easy enough, for they have successfully kept us in the dark for years now.

Pity the press? Nope!.Don't forget to check out the Brussels Journal folks, That's where the real news is these days.