Monday, September 08, 2008

Sarah And The Math Teacher

Let's see, in the short space of one week, the math world has been turned upside down. If I remember my algebra correctly, unbalance one side of an equation, and it is no longer an equation. However, the Democrats are intent upon preserving this "political equation", therefore, as they continue to load their "left" side with false allegations, and smears of Sarah Palin, well, then the "right" side must also be grown with something of equal import. That "something" as it turns out, is increasing poll numbers for McCain-Palin. Of course, there is no numerical equivalence between trash talking, and playing it straight. The Democrats are learning that sorry lesson with each passing day. Why? Because, as Laura Ingram has said, "Hurricane Sarah has made landfall, and she is a category 6! The famous Saffir-Simpson scale, developed in the 1970's will itself, have to be upgraded to include this remarkable lady's power. Think of a category 5 storm, with it's winds in excess of 156 miles per hour. The raw power of a category 6 storm, (Sarah) is about to unleash it's fury on an unexpecting, and unprepared Washington D.C. area. Fortunately, storms of this magnitude are local in nature, but their effects are felt country- wide. Don't you wonder if Al Gore, and the Doomsday Left, will attribute this to global warming?

Typically, hurricanes are robbed of their strength when having made landfall. What is unique about this coming storm however, is that it will gain strength when positioned over washington D.C. What Al Gore's forecasters will fail to take into account, is the upward draft of hot air above the Capital building. This will not only strengthen this storm, it will intensify it in an ungodly fashion. Or is that Godly? Call it "The Washingtonian Effect" if you must, but give full attribution to Sarah, please.

In recent weeks, I have mused as to why I have been drawn to the Weather Channel. Now, I know with certainty. Their format is perfect for viewing, and they even have weather specials, and weather history videos. Above all, they now have Sarah, and so do we. Can anyone tell me where to purchase an age appropriate weather station for my grandson? Don't worry, I'll make the necessary modifications to allow measurement of the new Category 6 hurricanes. This, I can do safely from my home some 175 miles from Washington D.C.

Batten the hatches! Head for the storm cellars, or climb into your bathtub. Sarah is on the way; her projected path leads directly to you know where.

P.S. Don't worry, the math and weather books can be rewritten by the soon to be out of work history revisionists. We will submit the draft, and we shall approve the final product.


Randy Respass CEO said...


You can get Aiden a weather station with all the goodies at
Boat US or West Marine. They will look nice on his walls in his room............

Randy Respass CEO West Marine

Brig. General IJ Taulor said...

Lets see if Annie Oakley would approve of Mrs. Palin, the Alakan gun elk hunter. She packs a wild card and who knows she can shoot elk and now the Left Wing Tree huggers!''

McCain has done good! Time will tell. Can she run a country?
YOu bettcha

Harold Moses Hill PHD said...

Mr. Atkinson, Would you be available for a speaker role
at Harvard University.

We are interested in what you have been posting. Your role would be one of an Educator and a Patriot.

A Conservative of your likes offers balance in this world of confusion.

Mrs. Tipper Gore said...

Sir: You are entitled to your
opinions, however, mocking
my husband is off limits.
Refraim from mentioning him
or his hard work now.

Kukla Fran and Ollie said...

Your blogs are wild and awesome.
Like Abe Lincoln you speak the truth.........