Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Star Is Born.

Sarah Palin's meteoric ascendancy to the national stage ended in Minnesota on Wednesday evening. The only thing missing, was the tortured response of some typical, would be beauty queen in a national competition, to a silly question posed. Poise was the defining word to describe her speech while accepting the Republican nomination for vice president, and she did it wearing a skirt. The talking heads were all quick to tell us that her speech was written for her, although she delivered it well. I can't seem to remember those same heads saying the same thing about a man's speech. I wonder why? Is attribution simply a man's thing?

The truth is that this woman seriously frightens Liberals. Let's just say she DELIVERS well. In contrasting her speech, and senator Biden's similar speech in the prior week, it is easy to see why Republicans fare so well in their appeal to average Americans. In a Republican speech, you will hear references made to the greatness of America. You will hear God's name spoken in proper context. You will hear honest concerns for the welfare of the people, and not admonitions coming before the taxation storms hit. Conversation will be perceived as honest, and devoid of hyperbole. Most importantly, you will sense the respect for America as being the one last, best hope for mankind. We didn't hear any of this last week, but that wasn't surprising at all.

In Sarah Palin, we get America's future, and not it's past. We get a directness of style that is very becoming. Most of all, we get the feel that with people such as her in national office, America's future is bright. Her words are uplifting, and illuminating, offering promise for our children's tomorrows. On the other side we get: "Just words, just speeches." However, words do mean things, very important things to very many people.

The ironies continue on. God, in his covenant with Abraham, included Sarai, his wife who God renamed as Sarah. Sarah, God promised would be the mother of nations, and that kings would come in homage to them. Tonight, Sarah Palin took the torch of peace, and held it high above herself, her family, and above an appreciative American audience. In Sarah, you know she will not be bashful about the modern kings, and princes of darkness, who wish America harm. They will be confronted sternly, and with firm resolve. This she will do at the side of John McCain. This is her way, and the way of all Americans who love their country.

So, tonight the future seems brighter for the children, and the grandchildren. Tomorrow, school begins again, and so too, does the Liberal indoctrination attempts. Ask yourself, are your children safe tonight? Will they be as safe tomorrow night? Get involved, you are the primary education tool your child respects most, and listens to first. McCain got the"big stick" Teddy Roosevelt was speaking of 107 years ago, and the sticks name is Sarah.

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Jeff Greenbald said...

WE have been observing your blogs and would like you to take part in a Rolling Stone Magazine Editorial.

You have a odor of a man who needs to smell the sweat of America and sniff your way out of the blue collar world.