Saturday, November 08, 2008

Fairness, to be or not to be?

Now that the election is over, you may bet the "Fairness Doctrine" advocates will rouse themselves from their slumbers, and move forward vigorously to reinstate that infamous assault on free speech. In short, the doctrine was founded on a particularly solid point. Some sixty years ago, the FCC decided that it was in the public interest to require broadcast stations to air contrasting points of view vis a vis editorial positions taken by STATIONS, in political matters. This made sense, because if a particular candidate for political office believed himself to not being properly, and accurately portrayed in a broadcast stations editorial pronouncements, well, then he felt a need for equal time to correct what he viewed as being inaccuracies, or untruths. As a rule, this made good sense, and the FCC promulgated rules of it's own to ensure "fairness" on broadcast air waves.

However, since Ronald Reagan's deregulation in the 1980's, and the eventual overhaul of the Fairness Doctrine" itself, there hasn't been much of a perceived need to reinstate the doctrine. That is, until Democrats, and Liberals decided for themselves that stations with Conservative talk shows were not truly fair and balanced in their programming standards. As a result, Congressional Democrats are now calling for the doctrine's reinstatement, creating a new standard of "Fair and Balanced" programming. The dirty truth is that these talk shows thrive on audience participation, and have been wildly successful business enterprises as a result. On the other hand, Liberal talk shows have been tried, but have failed for good reasons. They just don't work! Liberal views depend not so much on audience participation to make their shows work well, for Liberalism itself, is intellectually undefinable, making it virtually impossible to succeed.

The whole point behind these calls for the doctrine's reinstatement, is to stifle free speech, and eliminate the "competition " as it were. This is most puzzling, for there are only a handful of such "Conservative" talk shows on radio. They are eminently successful because all discussions are IDEA based, and not of some nebulous quality that would allow for public indoctrination. These shows are but a part of a broadcast stations daily menu, and do not reflect the views of the station itself. That is true fairness itself. Additionally, these stations are independent business enterprises, and must make money from advertiser willingness to pay that money. On each of these shows furthermore, Liberal points of view are encouraged and sought after. On many, liberal callers are often put to the "front of the line", though oftentimes to the dismay of their Conservative counterparts. All in all, it is an entertaining format, and not one detrimental to the public good at all.

And another thing, with the Democrats recent election showing, it would appear that they were able to somehow convince a number of voting Americans to see things their way. To me, that signals a disturbing move attempted by Democrats in Congress, to purge the air waves of anything that they do not favor as a voice of political expression. Although we could hold up the example of the MSM, and the print media, as not being the respectable "news" organizations they purport themselves to be, I won't do that just now. Suffice it to say that if we do nothing, we will lose our only voices of reason, at least as we see them to be.

The Liberals have most of it, don't they? A willing and compliant press, our country's public education system, and power in the Congress! What more can they possibly need? Total control it would appear to be. Mark Levin says famously that "Tyranny is at the bottom of the slippery slope upon which we stand. Tyranny, despotism, socialism, and Marxism await those blinded by the guile and the intentions of the ruling class: Washington elitist politicians of the Democrat stripe!

Are we going to stand idly by, and watch our First Amendment stripped from the US Constitution?

NO, a resounding NO!!

And now, back to the education of those who will ultimately save us from ourselves. They vitally need instruction on that same Constitution, you know, the Constitution they are not receiving training on in America's public schools. Yeah, that one.

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