Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pinnochiobama, The Newest Craze

Not even Walt Disney could have come up with a cartoon character like this. He soars through the air on "O" Force Obama, offering small snippets of wisdom(?) to the still adoring masses. I'll bet he can't wait to get back to the bad old USA. Hey, was that Katie Couric I saw pressing Obama for an explanation on his holding to opposition to the "Surge", when irrefutable evidence screams that the "surge" has, in fact, worked well? Even the best cake will crumble when held that tightly, and you won't have to worry about eating it either. So, hungry he will be, unless of course, that pile of freshly roasted "crow" suddenly begins to look appetizing. Hopefully, the Great Stammerer returns home in one piece, ready for the real election season to begin.

If only Carlo Collodi were still alive. He would be fascinated by the current day version of his famous wooden child, Pinnochio. Who is playing the part of Doctor Gepetto, I wonder? And who might be the Blue Fairy in this political sequel? Poor Pinnochio, he only wanted to be a little human boy. Today's Pinnochio, Obama, merely wants to be the president of the world's greatest, and most powerful nation. I find the vision of Collodi's puppet wanting only to be the little boy, more appealing, and certainly more charming than the Obama characters wanting it all at once. Remember the admonition about holding your cake too tightly!

In the clearness of evening, it is sad to have to add lying to the list of Obama credits. It seems no one can find any thing regarding "his" Senate Banking Commitee membership, as he said on radio just today. Come to think of it, this is a ready made tale for the old "Mouseketeer". It combines fantasy with a lack of veracity. Sure ingredients for a successful Hollywood fairy tale. Then again, perhaps only a certain Japanese animated movie maker can appreciate this for what it really is: Hutspah!

I'm feeling much better about things today, and I can't wait for tomorrow's touring "gaffe show" to move on. The world is just so much safer a place, I can feel it in my empty wallet. Berlin!! Must this show really go on? Just asking.

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