Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What would HE say?

It is difficult not to hear someone ask, "What would Reagan say?", these days. Merely posing the question is illustrative of a lack of Conservative leadership, save the radio talk show hosts such as Rush, Sean, and Mark. The presumptive standard bearer for the Republican Party is much quoted as he continues to woo supporters for his candidacy. Each time Senator McCain professes his core Conservative beliefs, it sounds more and more like he is trying to convince himself, and not true Conservatives, that he is one of us. I would not say he is pandering, simply showing a sophomoric side of his political being. This is not flattering at all. It honestly leaves him open to more criticism from the right wing.

If only the Senator could convince us through his actions in the Senate for the next eight months or so. You know, denouncing his and Senator Feingold's assault on the First Ammendment. Denouncing his partnering with ultra-Liberals such as Senator Kennedy to the detriment of real Conservative principles. Admitting that the so-called Immigration Reform Bill was devoid of honest Conservative leadership. Although Senator McCain acknowledges border security is paramount and first, he must, in order to win our support, admit that the rest of the immigration bill effort was misguided and not in America's best long term interest.

These things must be done quickly. Not to do so, imperils any support from Conservatives that might be forthcoming. The longer he waits, the surer we will become of his lack of Conservative guiding principles. Senator, the ball is in your court. Should we anticipate a return?

Yes, what would Reagan say?..." Well, there you go again." (with a smile of course)...

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