Friday, February 08, 2008

A younger generation's view

So I said to my grandson today, "Aidan, what do you think of Senator McCain being your next President?". To my surprise, he responded that, " I think I want to go north and live with the Eskimos." Admittedly, I was caught off guard, but accepted his thought as genuine reflection on the political events of the previous 24 hours.

Later in the evening, Aidan sought me out. He told me that he was changing his, and our itinerary somewhat. It seems that he would now like to move to New Zealand to live. "Why?", I asked him. "Because it is farther away than anywhere else." was his response. All this because of the threats to our Constitution; our way of American life, I reasoned.

How sad a time it is when the promise of a bright future is dimmed by the prospect of a looming Socialism. How sad a time it is when a young man may not hold himself to the dictates of his convictions, but instead must accept the role of "Victim", and live his life as a beggar it seems.

However, I shall continue to impress upon this young man his duty to fight the very good fight; to resist the temptations offered by government in his behalf. He will understand the importance of protecting his Constitution, his Bill of Rights, his country. This he will do...

...just as soon as I can tear him away from Play Station 2 that is. Nobody ever said it would be easy with a six year old grandson, surely though, it is more than worth the try, wouldn't you think?

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